Introducing WYLDOX

One of the India’s largest Water service provider, WYLDOX brings an optimum solution for the Water Treatment Industry.

Ultra-Pure Clo2

Wyldox is an Ultra-Pure Version of Chlorine Dioxide available in Power form which makes it stronger and more effective than other Clo2 products available in market. No bacteria or virus can resist our strong selective oxidizer.

Internationally Certified

WYLDOX holds international approvals, is Approved by the Ministry of Jal Shakti, Government of India, and Approved by the College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, UP.

Eminently Effective

Highly effective against complex organisms including, protozoa, and cysts that usually other biocides fail to fight. As a result, WYLDOX emerge as 99.9% effective against all water borne microorganisms. It helps in reducing bacterial contamination in water and air.

Non-Carcinogenic Solution

WYLDOX is a selective oxidizer and does not produce THM’s (Trihalomethanes), carcinogenic compounds when it comes in contact with the organic compounds present naturally in the water like other biocides available in the market, thereby disinfecting water without leaving behind any harmful by-products.

Easy to store

Available in powder form, Wyldox comes with a shelf life of 5 years that requires minimal inventory space for you to store the product as compared with the liquid-based products.

Wide pH Range

WYLDOX has been designed in such a way that it is highly effective against a broad pH range of 4-11.

Industries We Serve

Wyldox has been developed in such a way that all the industries can benefit from this Next-Gen Solution





Food & Beverage Processing


Water treatment

General Sanitization

Our Products

Wyldox stops the contamination before it stops your business.

What Set Us Apart?

Providing a One-Stop Solution to our clients instead of providing them with multiple products for different applications, sets us totally apart from the other companies.

  • Superior Quality

    Our focus has always been on providing our clients with the highest quality of products enabling them to work on their full efficiency.
  • Product + Service

    We are not just a product based company. From providing the technical support to installing automated water systems, we do everything.
  • Consumer Centric

    Every action we take in our organization revolves around adding value to our clients and building strong relationships with them.
  • Cost-Effective

    We always try to provide our clients with the Next-Generation solutions and being cost-effective at the same time realizing the value it would add to their business.
  • Proficiency

    Our team eagerly engage with the customers to identify the reliable products for their customized needs. When required, we are just a call away to provide you the best insights and options for your requirements.
  • Foresight

    Constant upgradation of products as per the current requirement is our innate quality. When confronted with challenges of the industry, we come up with better solutions to keep providing sustainable services to our customers.
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Global Presence

Wyldox is a global leader in Water safety with added prospects that allows the prevention of disease-causing bacteria, providing disinfected water at every stage of water flow and supply. It addresses the needs of Poultry, Dairy, Aqua, Food & Beverage, and Healthcare industry around the globe.


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