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Every year, millions of people die due to diseases brought on by a lack of clean water, sanitation, and hygiene. At this alarming stage, access to clean water and sanitation is highly essential as it eliminates the risk of contracting a variety of ailments. Wyldox disinfectant helps to cure all your water-related issues, thus helps to lead your healthier life.






General Sanitization Sectors

Homes & offices

Cleaning surfaces with a Wyldox disinfecting home cleanser reduces the number of germs on them and lowers the risk of infection. Cleaning alone, in most circumstances, is sufficient to remove the bulk of virus particles from surfaces. It’s very unlikely not needing to disinfect your home or offices, as bacteria & viruses is present everywhere.

Dental Clinics

People go to the dentist with the expectation of leaving in better health than when they arrived. However, the water used by dentists to clean teeth can contain dangerous bacteria that can cause serious infections that are difficult to cure with medication. Wyldox helps in overcoming this problem and even helps in general disinfection of the place.

Pharmaceutical Facilities

Pharmaceutical compounds are frequently made in batch processes, resulting in a varied spectrum of products in wastewaters generated by a variety of operations involving significant amounts of water, such as solid cake washing, extraction, or equipment cleaning. Pharmaceuticals cannot be entirely removed from wastewaters by any single approach. That is why, the use of Wyldox is highly recommended in Pharmaceutical facilities.

Factory Units

Water quality is one of the significant difficulties we face and will confront in the twenty-first century, posing a threat to human health, diminishing ecosystem functioning, and impeding economic growth. The pollution of freshwater resources caused by the release of vast amounts of improperly treated, or untreated, wastewater into rivers, lakes, aquifers, and coastal waterways limits the availability of the world’s scarce water resources. Wyldox improves the taste of water and removes unwanted odours by eliminating all bacteria present in the water.

Schools & Colleges

Schools, particularly in rural areas, sometimes lack drinking water, sanitation, and handwashing facilities; instead, when such facilities do exist, they are frequently insufficient in both quality and quantity. Children’s ability to learn may be affected by inadequate water, sanitation, and hygiene conditions in several ways. There is a desperate need for a viable remedy and reliable solution to counteract disease-spreading conditions. Wyldox keeps both the drinking water and environment safe from any bacteria.

Malls & Cinema Halls

Shopping Malls and Movie Theatres are one of the places having the most bacterial contamination in the environment. Hundreds of people carry along with them small particles of bacteria through their clothes, shoes, bags and vehicles. We at Wyldox are constantly working towards solutions that help you in providing a clean, safe & bacterial-free surrounding for your customers.

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