18 September 2021

Wyldox Aqua – A recognised name in the aquaculture industry

Farming on land has encountered examination over the years, and more recently, the focus has shifted to aquaculture. However, this shift was not easy for many aqua farmers, and that is when Wyldox Aqua came to rescue farmers and make aqua farming seamless for them. Wyldox Aqua, founded by two brothers, Varun Aggarwal and Kartik Aggarwal, is a premier multinational brand taking the aqua industry by storm with its cost-effective, quality products to help farmers increase their farm and farming quality.

Wyldox Aqua is a renowned name in the aquaculture industry that manufactures high-grade water disinfection chemicals and water technologies utilised in multiple applications, ranging from pond preparation to running culture activities.

A Delhi-based multinational company, Wyldox Aqua, has triumphantly left its mark across the country and overseas, in countries like Chile, Colombia, Nigeria, Oman, Nepal, New Zealand and Australia with their excellent non-carcinogenic products. These products effectively exterminate the Algae, E. coli and other harmful microbial components present in the contaminated water without harming marine life.

Not just aqua, this company has successfully branched out in the dairy, poultry and food and beverage industry. Furthermore, more than 1000 hectares of farms in India, especially in Andhra Pradesh, use products developed by Wyldox Aqua to discreetly manage the risk of microbial infection that can devastate crop values.

As Andhra Pradesh in India holds the largest share in the aquaculture industry, it is considered the second home of Wyldox Aqua. Be it fish farming or shrimp farming in the Southern States, aquaculture operators across the globe must maintain a tactful equilibrium between food safety, crop protection and environmental control.

With regulators and influential consumers now shifting away from using prophylactic veterinary antibiotic treatments for definite human health reasons, aqua operators and producers encounter challenges like sustaining the biosecurity measures needed for secured production and better environmental control.

This is where Wyldox Aqua comes into the picture to work closely with prominent aquaculture operators worldwide to develop safer water treatment programs. Also, this company endeavours to make farmers’ life easier by manufacturing products that increase the aqua creature survival rate, thereby securing more earnings for the farmers and at the very time guarantees disease-free water for the healthy growth of aqua creatures and shrimps.

Wyldox Aqua, with a vision, ‘Farmer Ki Jeet Mai, Humari Jeet’, has further helped more than 500 clients to date and holds numerous national and international certifications as an honour and appreciation for their humanitarian work.


Here is a glimpse of Wyldox Aqua team with happy shrimp farmer in Nellore, AP.


Wyldox Aqua – A one-stop solution in the aquaculture industry
One of the most compelling disinfectant chemicals, Wyldox, gets utilized as a one-stop disinfection solution across multiple aquaculture industries in India and globally. This product got developed after years of research to help customers get the best quality products.

Also, with decades of know-how in the industry, Wyldox products are certified by NSF (National Science Foundation), USA and further approved in Category-1 by the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Government of India.

Moreover, these products are manufactured keeping in mind the international standards and are sustainable, cost-efficient. It further reduces the requirement for traditional costly onsite chemical generators.

This is why Wyldox products get employed across several industries like Aquaculture, Poultry, Dairy, Piggeries, Chicken & Meat Processing, Food & Beverage Industry, Swimming Pools, and further expand its expansion to several industries worldwide. Mentioned hereunder are some of the useful features offered by Wyldox Aqua:

  • No creation of undesired, toxic by-products, such as lethal and carcinogenic compounds
  • Wyldox does not produce any carcinogenic syntheses or Trihalomethanes when associating with the organic components.
  • Efficient in reducing the manganese and iron content in the water
  • Excludes all the foul smell from the water
  • Helps in decreasing the death rate of shrimp
  • Works effectively on a pH range of 4-11
  • This product is 99.9% effective against killing viruses, protozoa, bacteria, fungi and yeasts.
  • Highly effective against all airborne pollutants and pathogens

Apart from this, Wyldox is a highly punctilious oxidant and reacts principally with organic elements. It readily reduces all the harmful chemicals from water without harming the aqua life.


A visual of the founder trying to understand the farmers’ concerns.


Aquaculture industry and its market in India

Aquaculture is one of the rapidly expanding business sectors across the globe and India. Also, India, with its expansive waterfront expanse, extends tremendous possibilities for fisheries in both inland waters and marine. Moreover, India holds the second-largest share in the world aquaculture industry, principally because of its 2.36 million hectares of lakes and vessels, a 7500 km shoreline and a 1.1 million km saline ocean area presenting a terrain for fish and shrimp farming.


A visual of the Aquaculture pond


This immense possibility in the fisheries sector offers employment to more than 28 million people in the country, and aqua farmers and operators are finding new ways to expand and diversify their business. However, there were some significant challenges faced by the aquaculture industry and farmers regarding the increase in shrimp and fish mortality due to the widespread use of chemicals and various environmental degradation.

The founders at Wyldox Aqua identified these common challenges and decided to work ahead in this direction. This was why the company came into existence with a vision to develop high-grade, effective products and solutions that help farmers boost their production and gain better profits.

Also, Wyldox Aqua is now planning to shift its business operations to other sectors across the aqua industry to help as many farmers and aqua operators as they can to assist them in creating healthy and better products. In addition, this company mainly produces non-carcinogenic water disinfectants and other products that are making the life of farmers better every day.

Moreover, Wyldox Aqua is now collaborating and partnering with farmers and other industry giants. This partnership will help them market their products even in the most remote part of the country to benefit farmers and aquaculture workers and make their business more flourishing than ever before.

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