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Water plays one of the most vital roles in the Food & Beverage Processing Sector in maintaining the freshness of the products by eliminating the bacterial contamination.





Food and beverage processing Sectors

Fruits and vegetable processing

Globally, fresh fruit and vegetables are a major contributor to the food market and their safety is an important issue. The use of ineffective chemicals and lack of proper water hygiene in the food processing industry could lead to the spread of various diseases like dysentery, diarrhoea, typhoid fever, and even cholera through the way of consumption by people. Hence, ensuring the use of effective products and the supply of bacterial-free water for processing is of utmost importance.

Poultry and meat processing

Poultry & Meat processing is a very sensitive sector. Effective in-plant hygiene measures are critical to food safety. Carcass washing, evisceration and cutting processes often lead to cross-contamination due to the presence of bacteria in the water, which can lead to entire consignments being rejected and losses for the owner. Wyldox is a proven solution to protect the carcasses from bacterial spoilage through the processing water, and maintaining consistent results in batches.

Sea Food Processing

Sea Food Processing is a very sensitive sector. Effective in-plant water systems and hygiene measures are very critical to food safety. Water is the single largest raw material used in processing systems. The quality of the process water is of great importance to prevent the contamination of food products. The use of contaminated water in sea food processing plants can spread infection across the entire distribution system and contaminate entire batches of produce, leading to losses for the facility owners.

Brewery and Winery

Brewing and winery have unique characteristics in the beverage industry where they require precise cleanliness methods to produce a high-quality, drinkable beverage. Wyldox disinfection aids Brewery and Winery producers to ensure drinks’ safety and quality while considering the workers’ health in the factories at the same time.

Food Processing Facilities

Water is an essential component of all food processing operations. With the auditability requirements becoming stricter day by day, it has become essential to have a safe, reliable and actually effective solution for the water treatment needs of the facility. Wyldox guarantees protection from the disruption & losses occurring due to the presence of E.Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Pseudomonas, Campylobacter, and other disease causing organisms.

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