17 December 2023


For decades, the poultry industry has grappled with challenges such as water-borne bacteria and diseases. Clean, bacteria-free water is pivotal to poultry health, playing a crucial role in increasing overall profitability. In this evolving landscape, two titans have collaborated to usher in a ground-breaking solution.

Introducing the Wyldox Srinivasa Tablets – a cutting-edge product forged from the partnership between global disinfectant leader, Wyldox, and India’s poultry stalwart, Srinivasa Farms.


What Sets Wyldox Srinivasa Tablets Apart?

WYLDOX, an internationally renowned brand in water disinfection, brings to the table a Next-Gen biocide fortified with proprietary Compounds. Certified by leading institutions like the National Sanitation Foundation (USA) and Ministry of Jal Shakti (India), its presence extends to 12+ countries. Srinivasa Farms, with its rich history dating back to 1965, epitomizes the very best of the Indian poultry industry. The collaboration represents the best of global standards and localized expertise.


The recently developed Wyldox Srinivasa Tablets are not just any water sanitizer or disinfectant. It’s a comprehensive solution, effective in water sanitization, bio-security applications, vehicle sanitization, biofilm removal, cooling pads, and even direct bird spraying to keep bacteria in control.


The Shared Mission and Vision

Wyldox and Srinivasa share a joint mission to redefine poultry farming in India and beyond. Together, they envision healthier farm environments and increased profitability for poultry farmers. As trusted partners in progress, their product promises to combat water-related challenges faced by farmers, notably the threats posed by E.Coli and other bacteria.


The Benefits to Poultry Farmers

a) Water Quality: Clean, bacteria-free water translates to healthier birds. By eliminating 99.9% of harmful pathogens such as E.Coli and Salmonella, these tablets ensure optimal poultry health.

b) Versatility: From water sanitization to direct bird spraying, its multifunctional nature makes it an indispensable asset on any farm.

c) Economic Benefits: By reducing livestock mortality and minimizing dependency on antibiotics, the tablets promise higher yields and profitability.

d) Trust and Efficacy: With the tablets being actively used in over 500+ farms, their efficacy isn’t just a claim; it’s a proven fact.


A Global Footprint with a Local Touch

While the product boasts a global presence, this article heralds its introduction to the South Indian market. A testament to the synergy between Wyldox’s international acclaim and Srinivasa’s deep-rooted Indian expertise.


A Call to Embrace the Future

Poultry farmers, industry experts, and livestock professionals: Here’s your chance to be part of a revolution. With the unparalleled benefits of the Wyldox Srinivasa Tablets, it’s not just about improved water quality or better farm productivity. It’s about reimagining the future of poultry farming. We invite you to get in touch and be part of this transformative journey!

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