Wyldox: The Next-Gen Solution

Wyldox is a One-Stop solution for the water treatment needs like drinking water, cooling towers, waste-water and sewage treatment plants.

Drinking Water

Waste Water

Cooling Tower


Water Treatment Sectors

Drinking Water Treatment

Wyldox is a proven solution to be used in public water-treatment solutions, to make the drinking water safe from various contaminations. When Wyldox is added in drinking water, it helps in destroying bacteria, viruses, and other types of parasites that make people sick, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. One of the many added benefits of Wyldox is that there is No formation of any disinfection by-products, unlike chlorine and other chemicals.

Wastewater Disinfection

Numerous companies require massive amounts of water to produce their products, and the manufacturing of those products leads to plentiful amounts of wastewater. Wyldox is super-effective in destroying the coliform populations in wastewater effluents, and is superior to chlorine in the treatment of viruses commonly found in secondary wastewater effluents. Wyldox also helps in the removal of phenol and cyanide.

Cooling Towers

To dissipate waste heat into the environment, cooling towers are utilized in most prominent commercial and residential buildings, industrial power production units, and the chemical, petrochemical, and petroleum sectors. The presence of microorganisms may cause the system to breakdown, decrease the efficiency of heat transfer and hence need to be replaced more rapidly, leading to losses for the owners. Wyldox has been designed in such a way that it eradicates all biofilm in cooling towers, prevents scaling & fouling, and most importantly does not cause any corrosion in the system. All of this ultimately leads to increased cooling towers efficiency and reduced downtime.

Sewage Treatment Plants (Biogas Plant)

Modern sewage treatment plants demonstrate a high level of efficacy in wastewater treatment, with almost no pollutants. As a result, sewage sludge is generated. Purification of the by-product to allow it to be used as a source of energy and biomass. To prevent this, Wyldox allows the maximum amount of water to be reused rather than going to waste.

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