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Water is one of the most important factor that plays a vital role in the proper farming of Fruits & Vegetables. Wyldox ensures the water being provided for irrigation is free of any bacterial contamination.





Agriculture Sectors

Agriculture & Horticulture

Agriculture & Horticulture operations are facing immense losses due to the numerous problems associated with contaminated water coming from the borewell. The presence of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens in water not only affects the yield and production, but also leads to the spoilage of crop on large scale, as well as contributing to biofilm formation in pipes, leading to further contamination.


A sufficient supply of high-quality water is critical for greenhouse operations. Contaminated water causes several problems like crop spoilage, biofilm formation, algae presence and fungal growth on plants, leading to low yield and losses for the greenhouse owners.

Aeroponic & Hydroponic Farming

Growing plants in a soilless medium or an aquatic-based environment is the art of soilless agriculture. In hydroponics/aeroponics cultivation, water quality is an essential determinant. Water is the primary ‘carrier,’ as it dissolves and carries nutrients for plants. On the other hand, it removes a lot of pollutants that can harm plants. Thereby, for good plant growth, pure water is a vital element.

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