13 July 2021

The pandemic indeed snatched away a lot of opportunities for many people but proved to be eventful for two brothers in Delhi. Wyldox, a multinational water treatment company, emerged a year ago with the initiative of Kartik Aggarwal and Varun Aggarwal. Even though they had the option of joining their family business, a multinational private group working in the water treatment sector and other urban industries, the duo had something else in mind.


Wyldox: Torchbearers of the Water Treatment Industry

Wyldox is an emerging multi-national brand developing safe-to-use, next generation water treatment solutions. Currently, they are exporting their products globally to 7+ countries like Colombia, Chile, Nigeria, Nepal, Oman, Australia & New Zealand, serving industries like poultry, dairy, aqua, food & beverage processing, swimming pools and human drinking water.

The emergence of Wyldox is not merely business, but it entails a humanitarian motive of providing access to disease-free water to livestock animals. A year ago, when the founders of Wyldox were looking for an opportunity to make an impact in the water treatment sector, they found a major loophole in the poultry industry. They noticed that even after there being so much advancement in the chemicals & poultry sector, still the farmers were suffering from the same old problems of E. Coli, High mortality, and poor biosecurity. Also, some of the ineffective and costly products that the farmers were using were carcinogenic in nature, i.e., the products form cancer-related particles in the water, in turn, harshly affecting poultry production and hurting the farm profitability.

These products consequently failed in killing the bacteria present in the water. This failure resulted in the bacteria becoming accustomed to the chemical being used, sustaining its effect without dying. The bacteria-infected water, in turn, affected the livestock on the farm, leading to severe losses to the farmer. Kartik and Varun saw these problematic undertakings, and knew they had to come up with a solution that solves these problems, and at the same time is super cost-effective to the farmer.

Wyldox came into existence to help eliminate this problem. The founders decided to create non-carcinogenic solutions and products which would destroy the E. coli and other bacterial components present in the contaminated water and would serve as a One-Stop Solution to all the Water & Biosecurity needs of a poultry farm.

As such, Wyldox relentlessly tried to formulate a product that would prove successful, and they stood triumphant. Initially, they sold their products to small and private poultry farms. And when they observed positive responses from their clients, they thought of approaching the giants of the poultry industry.


Wyldox: The one-stop solution for better farming

With the group’s 30 years of experience in the water treatment industry, they introduced Wyldox, the Next-Generation Chlorine Dioxide. They understood what the farmers and their farms needed and offered solutions that:

  • Kills 99.9% of water-borne microorganisms like bacteria, virus, protozoa, cysts, etc.
  • Against which bacteria can never develop any resistance
  • Is Internationally certified from the top agencies
  • Does not form harmful disinfection by-products
  • Works against wide pH range

Wyldox diligently gained popularity for its super-effective results and its ability to disinfect a large amount of water in just 1kg of the product. Wyldox covers the water and biosecurity needs of the farm like shed sanitization, sanitization in the presence of birds, spraying on the cooling pads, etc. Their 500+ satisfied domestic and international clients have an efficacious story to tell. The customer relation and transparency aspect of the company has been proven to be quite promising.

Water is the essential component for the nurturing of livestock, yet it is often overlooked. Even though Wyldox is consistently trying to purify the farm water through their solutions, it is significant that the farmers understand the importance of water in the flourishing of their livestock and attempt to inculcate the right water treatment solutions for their farms.


Srinivasa and Wyldox: Client Becomes Partner

After deciding to introduce their product to the poultry giants of India, they reached out to several groups, including Srinivasa Farms. Wyldox started doing business with Srinivasa in September 2020, when they started a trial on their worst-performing unit. This unit was suffering from a high mortality rate, contaminated water, high medical expenses, low production, and a number of other problems.

After using Wyldox on a continuous basis in this unit, Srinivasa started witnessing spectacular results, which in-turn, turned the worst-performing unit of the group into one of the best-performing farm. This noteworthy deliverance of Wyldox commenced a profitable and positive business relationship with Srinivasa. Today, all of their farms are running on Wyldox with excellent results.

Scanning through the history of Srinivasa, they are a pioneer in the Indian Poultry Industry. Over the years, Srinivasa has become a leading Poultry Breeding company in the country, also one of the largest producers of layer birds in India. They have earned a reputation of being a pioneer in adopting & setting international standards of quality, hygiene and efficiency in this industry.

In recent years, Srinivasa Farms has invented unique possibilities by creating opportunities for small-scale agriculturists to comprehend the full scope and potential of this business and empowered illiterate farmers to benefit from the latest technologies & trends, through knowledge transfer. The Vice-President and Managing Director of the company, Mr. Suresh Chitturi, also the chairman of the International Egg Commission (IEC), with his team, is leading the Srinivasa’s poultry business towards great heights.

In April 2021, Wyldox and Srinivasa established a partnership/ co-branding to provide the customers in the South Indian states with the Next-Generation solution, namely Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. The product is sold under the name Wyldox-Srinivasa, with the poultry giant looking after the business for the poultry and whole livestock market of South India. The collaboration between the two powerful businesses aim to benefit all the livestock farmers and make them aware of what is fruitful for their farming business.


Future of the Partnership

The partnership between Wyldox and Srinivasa is sure to bloom, with beneficial effects on the poultry, dairy, and aqua industry of the country. Both the companies, individually, have steady business foundations, which they will utilize to increase the overall profitability of the farmers.

As a team, their aim is to introduce the farmers, from the smallest to the biggest, to something that works, is cost-effective, serves as a One-Stop solution and will ultimately help in increasing the farmer’s overall profitability, through Wyldox Srinivasa.

Though Wyldox and Srinivasa have a strong future as separate enterprises, as partners, their future includes being an asset to every Indian and international farmer who has been suffering endlessly due to impure water and ineffective & costly products. The Wyldox-Srinivasa partnership is sure to Turn The Farms Into Future Farms Like Never Before.

“Farmer Ki Jeet Main, Hamari Jeet”

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