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There are hundreds of companies out there in the market to choose from, but finding a one you can count on and build a relationship with for a long-term is a difficult task.

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Our mission is very simple and straight-forward: to provide our customers with the Next-Generation solutions that ultimately increases their productivity and overall profitability.


To save lives of millions of animals and people by providing them with the next-generation solutions by ensuring a 24/7 supply of clean and bacterial-free to them.

Who we are

For all your Water & Biosecurity Needs!

We are Wyldox. We ensure water hygiene with our valued product to prevent disease or contamination in both animals and human beings at every stage of water supply chain. As an intrinsic part of Satron Chemicals group, serving relentlessly for over 30 years, facilitating Water disinfectant treatment for a plethora of industrial needs. Nation’s fastest growing brand collectively of consumers and producers, we work together to revolutionize the Water Treatment Industry with our Next Generation Solutions.


We are super proud to announce that Wyldox has partnered with Srinivasa Hatcheries for the South Indian operations. The aim of this partnership is to reach out to as many farmers as possible and add value to their farms by increasing their overall profitability by providing a Next-Gen solution at a super cost-effective rate!

As promised, Wyldox will and is bringing a revolution in the livestock sector around the globe, and adding value to the poultry, dairy, and aqua farms by increasing the farmer’s overall profitability by providing a One-Stop Solution to all your Water & Biosecurity Needs!.

Our Founders

Our Founders are always working towards providing the industries with the Next-Gen Solutions and increasing their overall profitability.

Exporting Around the World

Wyldox has established its presence in more than 8+ Countries in more than 3 continents

Origin of WYLDOX

Wyldox serves all.

Wyldox was originally built to eradicate the stress-causing and health alarming issue of water infection in the livestock industries. The story marks the spring of 2019 when Varun returned back from New York, after serving the Fortune 500 clients at Wall Street. While exploring in what industry to make an impact, he found a major loophole in the livestock industry where even after having hundreds of products, still the farmers were facing from Bacterial problems. Seeing this, Varun knew he had to help the livestock farmers and introduced Wyldox! A One-Stop Solution to all the water & bio-security needs of a farm..

During those days, his Group’s R&D team was working on the formulation for the same for four years, and the product was almost ready. Taking the wisest decision and a well-wrought plan of action enabled him to launch Wyldox in the private sector. He was pleased that a value-for-money, easily accessible, and the storable product was willingly incorporated and used by the customers with excellent feedback. When their competitors are selling carcinogenic chemicals in the market, Wyldox emerges as a ray of hope for all the smallest to substantial industry owners as a non-carcinogenic solution. Unlike other chemicals, Wyldox doesn't produce Trihalomethane (THM's) when it contacts the organic matter present in water. Trihalomethane are cancer-related particles that lead to the ill health of people and animals on a large scale. Wyldox is 100% safe and effective to use, which is why they have been able to develop the trust of a massive audience.

Wyldox's message for all the livestock, fruits & vegetables, beverage processing companies and other industries:


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